Where Non Biased Analyses Exist

Here at Protege Analysis, I gather my own, non biased analyses to beat the market. I mainly use technical analysis to find entry and exit point.

Our Services
Support and Resistance Analysis

Here we give simple but clear analysis of stocks in their support and resistance range, so we could identify the trend and pick the entry and exit target.

Advanced Stock Picks

We manually screening the charts to find stocks that meet our several indicators so the chance of winning would be higher. We could usually find 2-4 stocks each week using this screening process.

Forex Analysis

We analyze and find currency pairs that just start their new trend and determine the entry and exit point. In forex market, we usually find shorter time frame opportunities.

PAYS June 16, 2019
PAYS Probably Could Pay You June 16, 2019

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LIND June 14, 2019
LIND Broke it’s Resistance June 14, 2019

Today it breaks it’s bullish channel’s resistance and makes it’s new high. Probably we could wait for a little pullback… Read More

AAT June 14, 2019
AAT Bounced and Make a New High June 14, 2019

Two days ago we gave an analysis that AAT price would drop but it actually failed to cross below it’s… Read More

Our Analysts

Monitoring stock market as his hobby since high school and now turn it into something more useful: to help everybody learn about stocks and how to beat the market.